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Tomáš KoštejnI have been playing music since I was eight. First I played violin and later double bass. After I graduated from the mechanical engineering school, where I acquired a lot of precious handicraft skills, I continued my study of the double bass under professor Václav Fuka at the Prague Academy of Music.

At that time, I discovered the magical atmosphere of the violin-makers studio. Fascinated by the scent of wood and varnish, I addressed the master craftsman and long-time friend of mine Jan Madiara to initiate me into the secret of bow making.

I began renovating in 1998 and later, also making my own bows. Working in my Prague studio I had the opportunity to thoroughly study tens of master bows and discuss their mechanical and acoustic properties with my former classmates and many other musicians. Also, cooperating with the master musician Alexandr Hendruk was very precious for me not only in the technology of bow-making but also in his philosophy of life.


My clients are members of many Prague musical bodies (Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Symphony Orchestra , Prague Philharmonia, and Czech Radio Symphonic Orchestra), chamber orchestras, and soloists (violoncellist Jiří Bárta, violinist Jan Kepler, etc.) In 2009-2011 I cooperated with the Claude Lebet violin studio in Rome. Since 2013 I annually make a bow for the absolute winner of The Josef Micka Violin Competition.


Tomáš KoštejnThe most important aspects of my work are the choice of top-quality materials, finest-quality pernambuco, precision and hand-made components. My bows are prevalently made in silver garniture with ebony frogs. At the client´s request, copies of master bows and also baroque bows can be produced.

Perfection of processing and the effort to make beautiful and highest- quality bows is assured.